Remembering names is important.

Ever run into someone you've met before, but you can't remember their name? It happens to us
all the time. That's the problem we're trying to solve.

Communities are everywhere.

Clubs, Classrooms, Corporate Environments, Church Groups, Professional Associations, . . . The list goes on. If you're involved in a community, you know how important it is to know peoples' names. But sometimes it's not easy to keep up when new members join and meetings are infrequent. Take the next step in overcoming these hurdles and strengthening your community by creating a name game today!

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Games can optionally be password-protected, meaning that players must know the game's password to view/play the game.

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Mobile Friendly

Games are accessible via this mobile-friendly website. Android and iOS apps are coming soon to let your community members play on the go!

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