We help learners of Japanese and English pair up and practice simple discussions over video and text chat. A timer will let you know when to switch to make sure you both have time to shine. If you get stuck, check the helpful example topics. Help each other learn, practice and get better!

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Use our integrated video and text chat to practice your grammar, pronunciation and spelling with a native speaker! There's no need to expose your personal Skype address.


Post questions or recommendations to our message boards in the language you're studying and benefit from the advice of those who know the language best. Put those text books down for a minute and join the exciting community of language learning having fun while they learn.

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This community is about helping each other learn and practice. Post a question on our language specific message boards and get responses from the experts. Teach people to really converse in your language so they can travel with ease or find work. Do a language exchange with like minded learners and use our common conversation topics to get things started. We’re a new community and you can help us grow. Together we can all get better! Catch you on the inside, がんばりましょう。

our story


Ches was once told by a highschool teacher that he'd "never learn another language" and sadly, he believed it. However after moving to Japan in 2005 to teach English he was surprised to find that learning Japanese surrounded by Japanese culture was fun and engaging. From "never learn another language" he now has an N2 certificate and is eyeing off N1 for later this year. "There is a better way to learn than how they teach in schools. And it’s fun. It involves connecting with other language learners, making lots of mistakes and practice. I believe anyone can learn Japanese (probably any other language too). Don’t believe anyone who says you can’t do it. That’s what this site is about."


Nick left Australia in 2011 to travel Europe and never returned. He spends his time between Spain and Italy and wants to move beyond the words and phrases he's picked up along the way. "I have found the best way to learn things is to be surrounded by them. It's the nuances in words and pronunciation that you can only get from speaking with people who really know it the mark you as properly fluent. No CD or podcast can guide you, correct you or encourage you like a real person can."